Yamaha Watercraft Service Manuals


Dont be fooled by imitations, NOT ALL MANUALS ARE CREATED EQUAL!

These are THE BEST & MOST ORGANIZED genuine factory Yamaha full workshop repair and maintenance manuals you can buy; PERIOD! Years have been spent tweaking, organizing & indexing them. They include ALL NEEDED supplemental manuals if they exist.

ALL of these factory service manuals are keyword searchable! Can't find information on a temp sensor or any other topic? Just search "temp" or any other keyword and it takes you to the page!

These manuals contains hundreds of pages packed with photos, exploded views, & diagrams including:

Service Tools & Products Propulsion & Drive System
Periodic Inspection Chart Steering System
Engine (Removal & Installation) Hull & Body
Cooling System Storage
Fuel System Technical Data
Oil System Troubleshooting


Service repair manuals are available for INSTANT DOWNLOAD saving you time and money.


Yamaha FX140 / Cruiser Repair Manual Only $7.50
Yamaha FX HO / Cruiser Repair Manual Only $7.50
2008-2009 Yamaha FX SHO Series Repair Manual Only $7.50
1998-2000 Yamaha GP800 Repair Manual *NEW* Only $7.99
2001-2005 Yamaha GP800 R Series Repair Manual Only $7.50
Yamaha GP760 GP1200 Repair Manual Only $7.50
2000-2004 Yamaha GP1200R Repair Manual Only $7.50
2003-2008 Yamaha GP1300R Repair Manual Only $7.50
Yamaha SV & SUV 1200 Repair Manual Only $7.50
2005-2009 Yamaha VX110 / VX1100 Repair Only $7.50
Yamaha VXR / VXR Pro Repair Manual Only $7.50
Yamaha Wave Venture Series Repair Manual Only $7.50
Yamaha WaveRunner XL700 / XL760 / XL1200 service manual repair 1998-2004 PWC Only $5.00
Yamaha Waverunner / Jammer Repair Manual Only $7.50
Yamaha Waverunner 3 Series Repair Manual Only $7.50
2000-2004 Yamaha XL / XLT800 Repair Manual Only $7.50
Yamaha XL 700 760 1200 Repair Manual Only $7.50
1999-2002 Yamaha XL1200 Ltd Repair Manual Only $7.50


Not finding your manual? Contact Customer Service and we'll find it for you!

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Html Manual Notes

Some of the newer model service manuals are in HTML format. These are not as easy to work with as .PDF manuals.

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